Should we try to build a glider simulator?

January 2019.

Several years ago UWE gliding club offered the air frame of G-DDYR, its former K7s 2-seater glider to 10th Chippenham Air Scout Troop to turn into a simulator.

We’ve been on the airfield flying today. The weather wasn’t playing so we didn’t fly much. We used the gliding club’s simulator for a while then headed home. On the way home we wondered what had happened to G-DDYR and whether we could turn it into a simulator if it were still at the back of the hangar.

It turns out that 10th Chippenham air scouts were unable to find a long-term storage location and to get the project off the ground. So the project was abandonned and the air frame of G-DDYR has languished at the back of one of the hangars at Aston Down ever since. So we took ownership of the air frame to create a simulator.

In the weeks that followed, a small team of explorers and a leader looked at the feasibility of the project and at the options available. We agreed with the gliding club that the simulator could be stored in the hangar when not in use. So long-term storage seemed secure. We also hatched a few design options for the electronics needed. But we needed to go see G-DDYR and ascertain its current state.

We also needed to finance the project. While the unit has some financial reserves, these are there for a rainy day and for unexpected expenses (equipment replacement, for example). So we also needed to look for grants and / or sponsors.

Should we try to build a glider simulator?