Scouts - Be Prepared

Explorer Scouts can wear either a “normal” explorer brown shirt or, if they are air or sea explorers, they can wear a blue shirt or blouse and an Air Scout beret in addition to the standard trousers and belt. Official uniform for Endeavour ESU :

  • Land explorers: Explorer Scouts brown long sleeve shirt or blouse;
  • Air explorers: Scouts light blue long sleeve “air” or “sea” shirt or blouse;
  • Navy blue scouts activity trousers / shorts (or identical), smart navy blue trousers (optional for formal events) or black school trousers / skirts; please NO JEANS and NO TRACKSUITS, they are inappropriate for our activities;
  • Appropriate shoes / boots: walking boots or black school shoes suitable for running around on uneven or rough ground; please NO TRAINERS they are inappropriate for our activities;
  • Unit scarf (and optional woggle);
  • Leather Scout belt and buckle;
  • Air explorers: Air Scout beret or RAF officer beret with cloth badge; RAF officer berets are lined unlike the air scouts berets and are more comfortable to wear, especially those with an adjustment string;
  • Grey scout fleece (optional);
  • Unit fleece or hoody (optional).

Official scout uniforms can be purchased from quite a few places including (but not limited to):

In addition, Explorers can get 10% discount on camping supplies from a number of shops. You will need to prove that you are a scout (your neckerchief should be enough). There are a few shops in Chippenham that will give you this discount:

  • Millets;
  • Mountain Warehouse.

Note: The British Legion affiliation badge is worn on the right sleeve under the patrol badge (or young leader & mission badges if relevant).

Some material on this page is taken from Scout Association Member Resources and related pages.