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Unit photoEndeavour Explorer Scouts Unit (ESU) is based in Chippenham (Wiltshire). We are part of the Wiltshire North scout district and welcome land explorer scouts as well as air and sea explorer scouts – Air and Sea Explorers add an aeronautical or nautical bias to what they do – but everything we do is open to everyone, regardless of which uniform you choose to wear. We encourage everyone to pursue the Duke of Edinburgh awards and, most importantly, we all want to have fun!


The unit strives to provide a range of activities throughout the year and we are very keen to contribute to the communities we live in. Hence, you will often see Endeavour explorers out and about or at important community events such as Christmas events or remembrance services. Some activities are specific to groups of explorers but we encourage everyone to join them if they want / can. For example, our land explorers regularly go out on geocaching challenges while our air explorers go gliding, flying or build UAV and rockets (the latter to enter in the UKRoC competition).

We usually meet on Friday evenings at 19h30 but this can change depending on our activities.

Do you want to join us? Follow this link to find all the information you need to join us.

Do you want to contact us or ask questions? We’d love to hear from you. The easiest way to contact us is to send an email to infos – AT – One of the leaders will either reply to you or redirect your email to someone who can reply as soon as possible.

Endeavour ESU flag Here’s a quick timeline of the history of Endeavour ESU:

  • Autumn 2019: To be continued…
  • Summer 2019: DofE gold practice expeditions on Exmoor followed by a qualifying expedition for a team of 5 in the Brecon Beacons National Park. 1 air explorer gains his canopy wings
  • Spring 2019: The unit goes on a 1-day LOST! for St George’s day, finishing on Dragon Hill to renew our promises. Hikes canoeing, gliding, another parachute course, the unit has a very busy spring. 2 air explorers gain their gliding wings
  • Winter 2018: The unit is given the air frame of G-DDYR to turn into a glider simulator, the project starts.
  • Autumn 2018: Silver DofE expeditions (practice and qualifying). The air explorers continue with their quadcopters. The unit awards its first 200 nights away badges.
  • Summer 2018: Visit to Marshfield Farm, backwoods cooking challenges.
  • Autumn 2017: 4 air explorers enjoy an impromptu hot air balloon trip. The air explorers start their quadcopter project: design, build and fly quadcopters.
  • Summer 2017: At the end of another successful year, the unit takes part in the Chippenham soap box derby challenge before helping to host Troop 404 (Florida) with the visit to SS Shieldhall in Southampton and a camp at Ferny Croft
  • Spring 2017: the air explorers take over the Think Tank museum in Birmingham together with hundreds of air explorers and air scouts.
  • Autumn 2016: The air explorers join a fantastic National Air Scout Camp for the 75th anniversary of Air Scouting in Cornwall. 2 air explorers are presented with their gliding wings. The unit awards its first 175 nights away badge.
  • Winter 2016: Weekend camp at Wokey Hole.
  • Summer 2016: The unit’s first static line parachute course: 4 explorers from the unit take part, 2 gain their canopy wings after 7 fantastic jumps.
  • April 2016: the unit’s first Queen Scout awards.
  • Wintercamp 2015: Endeavour returns to ‘Wintercamp’, at Gilwell Park, London
  • Autumn 2015: Endeavour ESU becomes an affiliated unit with the Royal British Legion. The unit continues its activities and DofE expeditions. A group of Air explorers continue to go gliding regularly.
  • Winter 2015: Endeavour ESU returns to Gilwell Park’s ‘Wintercamp’
  • Winter 2014: Our air explorers’ last flights in G-DDYR before its retirement. The unit has now presented gliding wings to 2 explorers.
  • Summer 2014: Members of Endeavour ESU took part in 10th Chippenham Air Scouts’ Mons – Le Cateau WW1 centenary commemoration. The explorers commemorated the first gun shot of WW1 before retracing the steps taken during the retreat of the 1st Wiltshire Regiment after the Battle of Mons 100 years to the day. Over the next 3 days they hiked 65km across the French and Belgium countrysides. A few explorers also represented us in local radio and television broadcasts in relation to the centenary events.
  • Winter 2014: Endeavour ESU’s first visit to the UK renowned scout event ‘Wintercamp’, held in Gilwell Park, London.
  • September 2013: Endeavour ESU is formed. It’s namesake is the space shuttle ‘Endeavour‘ of the former US space shuttle programme. Initially the unit is only comprised of around 10 members split into 2 patrols.