The simulator is now complete!

The 3D printing is complete, so we installed all the electronics and tightened the last cable ties before putting the glider’s seats and flooring back in place. Bolting the flooring and seats back onto the glider’s frame really gave us a sense of accomplishment: we had always said that this would be the last step before our first proper flight.

We put the We calibrated tested the rear simulator. After some troubleshooting of 1 of the momentary buttons on the control panel, everything was ready for a first flight.

We put the 2 parachute harnesses donated to the unit by a gliding club member (thank you very much Adrian!) and took our seats.

There is something inherently wrong when 2 pilots are flying different flights yet sit in the same aircraft… (and fly without a canopy).

We still have some cosmetic work to do when face-to-face scouting is allowed again but we have reached our goal: Endeavour ESU’s simulator is really complete and working now.

Thank you to our 3 sponsors for the opportunities you gave us: