7 December 2019

We were on airfield duties today. The day started reasonably well and all 3 explorers got some decent flights. However, the weather closed in after lunch so we put everything back in hangars / under cover and headed back to spend a few hours on our code.

Our 2 new laptops has arrived (we managed to find a good deal on the 2nd one – we’re rather pleased with ourselves). We’ve also ordered an Oculus Quest VR headset that should arrive in a few days. We also received the power supplies we had ordered.

We continued to work on our code, looking for ways to optimise it to fit in the 2.5 KB of SRAM and 32KB of flash memory. With the libraries and sensors added to the code, we’re getting close to running out of flash memory.

We replaced the HD44780 library with LiquidCrystal_PCD8574 and added both libraries and code to work with the OneWire and DS18B20.

Swapping libraries for smaller, less functional but good enough ones coupled with our code optimisation work paid off. It allowed us to save several KB of flash memory and 200 bytes or so of SRAM.

Yet another Github commit followed at the end of the day.

7 December 2019