8 April 2019

A small team of the older, computing-minded explorers got together to start working on the electronics design and on the firmware. We also received our prototyping kits. Each of our 3 kits consists of:

  • Arduino Leonardo (clone)
  • Mini breadboard
  • 3D printed support for the Arduino and the breadboard to keep the 2 neatly secure together
  • 8-bit LED string
  • 10K linear potentiometer
  • Momentary switch
  • Toggle switch
  • DS1307 real-time clock
  • I2C logic level shifter
  • MPU6050 sensor
  • Hall effect sensor
  • Reed switch
  • A selection of jumper wires
  • A micro-USB cable

We continued the work started on 24 March and looked at several libraries to simplify the management of the MPU6050 sensors. We evaluated a couple of options more fully and agreed on the tockn MPU6050 library. The library is relatively simple to use and abstracts the calculations required to derive the current angle of the sensor. It presents simple functions that we can build on to provide Condor with position data.

We also agreed that the Joystick library was potentially an ideal solution to make a PC believe that our Arduino Leonardo / Pro Micro are in fact joysticks or game controllers.

We wrote a short Arduino sketch to pull together the Joystick and MPU6050 libraries and provide sample values to a PC through a USB connection.

We commited our sketch to our Github repository. Our first commit!

8 April 2019