23 November 2019

We’re back together today.

Our first task was to look again at the air frame, take measurements and decide where we would place sensors and other equipment as well as how to run cables. We also looked at how we would transfer the movements of the mechanical controls to the back of the glider where we want to place the Arduino MCU.

We created a sketch of the rear shelf.

We spent a couple of hours creating a first draft bill of materials, selecting power supplies, FR-4 PTH board sizes. We investigated the advantages and disadvantages of several types of potential connectors to link all the different parts together. What seemed like an easy task turned out to be more challenging than we had expected.

We also ordered our first laptop for the simulator. A refurbished Dell G7 15 gaming laptop with the specifications we needed. We purchase it from the Dell outlet store taking advantage of an additional discount code. Unfortunately there was only 1 device in stock so we decided to keep an eye on stock levels and order a 2nd laptop when more outlet stock became available. Hopefully the laptop won’t be long to arrive.

It’s all starting to take shape and come together…

23 November 2019