16 April 2019

Our small electronics working group met again to continue its work.

We setup our development environments (Arduino IDE, Visual Studio Code, Github desktop applications) and created accounts on Github.com.

We created a pseudo-code outline of the sketch for the simulator controllers. This generated a lot of conversation about the optimal way of writing the code and on how to save MCU cycles. Unlike the computers we are used to using, the Arduino micro-controllers (MCU) have limited resources and every CPU cycle or byte of RAM are precious. We also started learning about the C programming language – somewhat of a difficult concept for us and very different from Python!

We modified our sketch sufficiently to demonstrat the Joystick library working with Condor. This proved our basic solution choices: an Arduino Leonardo can be seen as a games controller by our chosen glider simulation software (Condor Soaring). Condor could see the values provided by the Arduino: we had proven that our design would work as intended.

We committed our code to Github at the end of the day.

16 April 2019