02 March 2019

The weather forecast for today (Saturday) was poor but we were on duty so we headed for the airfield. We brought a trailler and some tools with us so that we could work on cleaning and cutting the air frame if there was no flying today.

We arrived to a very silent airfield – normal for the time of day as we usually arrive before many of the club members. It was drizzling, the cloud base was low. There clearly was going to be no gliding today. We confirmed this with the duty instructor and proceeded to the hangar where G-DDYR was stored.

We extracted G-DDYR from the back of the hangar before washing and drying it. After a little bit of searching we found the valve of the tyre and inflated what looked like a very sorry tyre. On inspection after re-inflating it, the main tyre proved to be in good order and to be holding the pressure. Result!

We decided to leave the skid in the hangar as we had no use for it.

We inspected the structure of the glider and decided to make a first cut at the rear of the wing box and to transport it in that condition. This would allow us to re-cut further if needed later and ensured that the tubular structure of the wing box remained intact to provide stability at the rear of the glider. We also decided to carefully remove and keep the fabric skin of the glider in case it could be of use later.

Once we had separated the tail from the rest of the glider, we lifted the air frame on top of our trailer and strapped it securely, ready to transport it to a more convenient workshop (a garage!).

02 March 2019